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Our Brazilian Kinky Curly Headband Wigs can be easily worn by all hair types and textures. They come in three different lengths. Each wig is handmade with hand-selected bundles of human hair.

candis confident hair


Welcome to Candis Confident Hair! The founder was born and raised in Saint Louis, Mo. Growing up in a city with so much culture, she’s always been drawn to the life of beauty, style, and fashion from a young age. Since the age of 12, she started doing her own quick weaves, long ponytails and from there always kept different styles to suit her uniqueness and express herself through the art of hair.
The mission for
Candis Confident Hair is to encourage the world to love who they are and to be able to express themselves as the unique beings they’ve been created to be. Your hair makes a statement about you before you could ever say a word. So we encourage you to be confidently you, love you, and express yourself in your authenticity one hairstyle at a time. 🌻✨

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Shipping times vary depending on location and other factors with the delivery services that are not in our control. We will keep you up to date with tracking info as it’s given. Also, we are now offering worldwide shipping. Thank you for your patience ✨🌻